Tuesday, September 30, 2008

a fascinating species

i appreciate the monkeys around me. i almost love them. there is something completely adorable about their sweet consistent nonsense amidst the inconsistencies around me. not that i'm sadistic and enjoy trouble or anything like that, but it's the way they laugh everyday at the nothingness that they enjoy. really, why can't the world just "chill" a little more, laugh a little more, smile a little, and more now and then, just like they do.

are the ones that know where to go for holidays the happy ones?
or is it the ones that have the love and attention of everyone?
or perhaps, it's these dears, the ones that laugh at everything, get angry at the smallest things? the ability to forget to rationalise? it's so true isn't it, that we begin to think so much as we grow older, and feel so much less. we control our reactions so much more often then these monkeys, sometimes i wonder what it means to be human.

i'm wondering, we control, we speculate, we plan so much. and what happens when things don't go our way, we react so much slower than these monkeys. these monkeys, love when love comes, hate when hate comes. they are hence allowed to be almost everything and nothing if they want to, at anytime. why do i have to think so much?

are we being inhibited by our very identity? humans are too restricted and contradictory for our own good perhaps..

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