Sunday, August 3, 2008

a precious gift...

teaching is alot more than i thought.

perhaps it's the culture shock that i'm experiencing, and not the specifics of the job. ha. where i'm from, girls always studied, we always greeted our teachers, we never spoke back, we never played truant, and we always brought our books, and did our homework. Most importantly, we wanted to get good grades. the above mentioned is almost non-existent where i am now. but it's still school. it's still classes. it's still teaching. but they are good at everything, except their studies, seriously. but that aside, they have a good heart, they love the camaraderie they share and i'm dying to be a part of it. it almost saddens me that i cannot give them more of what i have: knowledge, and i'm forced to give them more of what i don't have: patience.

i wish i could sit them down, one by one, teach them, (becoz it's impossible to teach them altogether sometimes. ) and show them that it is possible. show them that they matter to me, show them that their understanding is everything that matters to me, coz they've already given me everything else. let us get our A1 for all the subjects together! maybe secretly, subconciously, schemingly, i wish they read all this too.

when i left the choice of posting to God, i thought it was a prank God played on me, or a punishment, but i'm starting to realise, it is a Gift.

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ong said...

glad that u are doing quite fine. hahaa JiayOu k
Most imptly make sure you are healthy and well k, take care of your voice k~