Sunday, July 27, 2008

sorrow-fringed joy or joy-fringed sorrow?

it's amazing, the feeling of having someone you love come back to you. having someone "to love and to hold". loving is holding, enjoyment, company, influence, and everything nice; it's sugar and spice.

after a long 3 weeks that seemed like forever, returning now. but with a return, such sorrow is greeting the reunion. may the sorrow fill us with love, remembrance, and lessons to treasure our loved ones. and may love fill us enough, to make the sorrow less, to ease the pain, and to share our lives.

a friend told me, "i have two hands, for two women!" but to feel a real hug, we use both our hands, to embrace the love we have before us. so i have two arms, to put around the love i have, to take away the sorrow, and to bless the memories that have been shared.

God, be with us.

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ong said...

heyhey hope everything is fine with you. haha =) really wanna go out with you some day man. weekends? hehe keep me updated if anything k. take care - serene