Thursday, June 26, 2008

about soaps and shampoos...

you hear people asking like, which is scarier, losing sight, or limbs?
i'm not saying these are good things to happen, just that you don't quite hear people asking about the fear of losing the sense of smell?

perhaps it's because we rely on it so much less. we just don't "smell" enough. really! i mean, how many of us, actually take a moment to infuse ourselves with the aroma that surrounds us? especially when we are showering, being in one with our soaps, foams, and shampoos. after all, we come out of the shower rooms smelling as sweet as them. don't we wanna take in a deep breath while showering to know how we'll smell after we come out in ten minutes time?

scents and flavours, infusion of aromas made of the weirdest stuffs. smells of the ocean, of the forests, that's nature. the temporary teleportation to a place that we often wish we were at but too lazy to get our arses there. sweet-smelling beautiful flowers, like moonflowers, peach blossoms, lavender (personally i'm not a fan of lavenders) .. it's like having petals raining down on you in a park, where you stretch out your arms, twirl around in circles.. dreamily. well there are other scents too like some incense, herbs, royal jellys. some smell like... meditation.

aromatherapy during a shower is such an experience, but we don't take enough time to fully appreciate, don't you think? soaps and shampoos, in that short shower ( coz the government says save water and don't take baths, take showers instead.), brings us to places, to korea, to the states, to river thames, to yosemite.. brings us into action, like do yoga, soak in the sea, sit beneath a tree in autumn. if we allow ourselves some time, to close our eyes, and imagine, hey, we could be anywhere in the world.. like a jumper. heh. it'll be like dreaming.

i'm going to take a bath now.

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