Friday, June 13, 2008

my dog is a "gan dang"

people always say, english speaking people are potatoes : gan dang
and the opposite, chinese version of potatoes -- sweet potatoes : hang zi
and i realise, odie's a gandang.

my entire family speaks mandarin with each other, but when we address Odie, we speak english, ha okay, maybe singlish. most amazingly, my dad, who can't even be bothered to read the english words on his nokia phone, speaks to odie in english.

you know sometimes when we try to say something bad, and mean. like when we are gossiping behind someone's back, we try to speak a language that the person probably wouldn't understand? that's when my family speaks in mandarin to the dog. (disclaimer: no matter what we say, we all really love the dog)

maybe coz odie understands english, and he's a gandang like me, we are meant for each other. i don't know if i love my bf more than my dog but i know i'm supposed to. ha. i love both. i just have higher expectaions of my bf. (coz i understand what he's saying?)

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